1to1Formation is a Distance learning that offers a teachings catalog organized and dispensed by experts stemming from best French schools. It is intended for executives, managerial staffs, chief executive officers, individuals, students, wishing to train themselves, to improve themselves, to better their knowledge or to get a profession.

Everyone has today the opportunity to develop himself, to learn a language, to get a know-how without moving thanks to the e-learning.

1to1Formation company offers an efficient tool easily accessible allowing to everybody to find a professional training to its liking. 1to1Formation suggests several trainings adapted to individual situations or groups. Trainees can choose Cyber Teachers ’program choosing a teacher for a learning one to one and any time. This method is created to adapt to any levels and to any ages, from beginner to most advanced. Lots of specializations are presented: several professions, several languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese.

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